Studio Sitges Workshops

Studio Sitges Workshops

It’s all go!

Studio Sitges is one of Europe’s most spectacular photo studios. We have the most advanced equipment in ultra-modern facilities. The fully integrated house – designed by a world-renowned architect – can be the main location, backed up by the astonishing Mediterranean surroundings. Beaches, hills and urban living are all only 20 minutes away from Barcelona airport.

In partnership with us, you can fulfill your creative vision. Whatever it is, our facilities and expertise can make it come true. We aim to set a new benchmark, offering the highest standards for photographers coming from around the world.

Our on-going partnership with the world’s leading manufacturer Phase One brings some of the most advanced gear available, including their latest IQ backs.

And there’s a lot more than top-notch equipment on offer. We create new opportunities by opening several ways of collaboration. Our team is geared to setting up workshops of all kinds. They ensure that all our clients will get the results they are after… and more.

Contact us so that together we can build a new and attractively themed program just for you. Become part of our in-house Workshops!