Our new baby

Our new baby

Are you thinking of shooting in a sandstorm? Or maybe in the middle of a monsoon? That’s no problem for the latest addition to our range of top-specification equipment.

Now we have Sony HXR-NX70 – the Water Baby - with CVP Camshower System for Rainproof Capability. This robust baby has a bright future ahead of it. It will stand up to conditions that would finish off any other camcorder. It has an integrated 10x optical zoom 'G' lens with a focal range of 3.8-38mm, the equivalent of a 26mm lens on a 35mm camera which gives impressive wide angle shots.

A full HD image consists of less than 2.2 million pixel. This baby is equipped with a very grown-up 1/2.88" Exmor-R CMOS sensor with 6.6 million pixels!

Want to shoot a disaster movie? You can make a success of it by using our wind and rain machines and filming it all with the Sony at Studio Sitges.

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