Minicom 160 RFS


More power.

The Minicom moonlight is ideal as an introduction to the broncolor system or as a supplementary unit.
The monolights broncolor Minicom 160 are the most powerful models of the Minicom series. Minicom monolights (registered design) are used worldwide in leading portrait and wedding studios. Thanks to their bright modelling light – the Minicom 160 RFS provides a powerful 650 W - these monolights are also used together with broncolor power packs for still and advertising photography. This combination is extremely convenient: broncolor power packs and monolights are compatible, the modelling light is proportional, and the light shapers can be used with broncolor lamps as well. The Minicom 160 RFS is equipped with the broncolor RFS (Radio Frequency System) and can be operated via Macintosh© computers or PCs. This means that the outdoors operating distance is up to 30 m (98.4 ft) and in closed rooms up to 20 m (65.6 ft). Under favourable conditions it has a possible range of up to 300 m (984 ft) for wireless triggering or communication with the studio software.
  • High repetitive precision for digital imaging.
  • Large control range of the flash energy.
  • Flash release also possible via radio (optional) and infrared.
  • Automatic flash release control.
  • Illuminated silicone keyboard and LED-display resistant to dust and scratches.
  • Additional flash sequences (flash series).
  • Sensitivity of the photocell can be reduced.
  • Automatic adaptation to the respective mains power.
  • Dual voltage unit.
  • Delivery of RFS version possible.