Plexi cap mat for Lightbar 60 Evolution


Without light, there is no photography.

The slightly textured open reflectors are characterized by homogeneous light distribution, although a controlled centre emphasis can be achieved using Pulso G lamps. The light angle of each open reflector is apparent from its model designation (such as projection attachment) offer a variable coverage angle.
Our natural light is the sun. It creates wonderful moods, but its position and color characteristics are constantly changing, and it often infuriates us by hiding just when deadlines are looming. That is why artificial light was invented. Almost all today’s photographers work with flash lights, and agree that light and illumination are the key to better results. Expert lighting is part of each photographer’s signature, and has a decisive effect on his or her professional success. Just like sunlight, broncolor enables a great diversity in the scope of design with its variety of reflectors, softboxes, area lamps, effectlamps, umbrellas and spots. Broncolor powerpacks and monolights supply the required power.