Studio B. Perfect for atmosphere.

The unique cyclorama that extends through the roof plus functional design gives STUDIO B a unique ambience. Many photographers find it to be their perfect work space.

THE CAREFULLY CALCULATED proportions and the varied finishes on concrete walls and floor make every part of this studio into the perfect background.

The studio dome - inspiring by its form and its beautifully crafted lighting - contains the dressing and makeup rooms which are adjacent to the cyclorama.

Like Studio A, this studio also has its own centralised control of ambient lighting, temperature and sound.

Studio B is the perfect complement to Studio A during large productions that require two sets at the same time or alternatively a bigger production area.

Additional Photos

Specifications Studio B

  • 120m2 production area
  • 8x8m cyclorama
  • 4.80m high ceiling
  • 30m2 make-up and changing room with
    4 work stations
  • Bathroom
  • Garage entrance
  • Radiant under-floor
  • Fully air-conditioned
  • Pro Mixer with CD,
  • iPod, mic, etc.
  • PA monitors
  • DMX ceiling LED lights with controller
  • Up to 16kW
    power sockets
  • Wi-Fi