Studio A. Size. Comfort.

With its generous space and facilities STUDIO A is perfect for accommodating productions and sets on a considerable scale. The large sturdy cyclorama with a wide perimeter allows you to move easily inside and outside of the shooting area.

THE ROBUST CONSTRUCTION of concrete and steel beams can suspend and support lighting equipment, scenery and even people in a safe practical way up to a height of 5.3 metres.

All lighting, sound and temperature are controlled centrally to enhance the working environment. Having the makeup room next to the cyclorama provides efficient workflow.

The two elevated areas - the client platform and the lounge kitchen - survey the production area and can control it.

After a long day's session, or for a refreshing break, there is a hotel-style room to rest in during the day or overnight.

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Specifications Studio A

  • 210m2 production area
  • 8x8m cyclorama
  • 5.30m high ceiling
  • 16m2 make-up and changing room with
    4 work stations
  • Large open daylight shaft for fresh air and smoking
  • Full kitchen
    and lounge area
  • Elevated client platform for viewing production area
  • Model Room
  • Bathroom with shower
  • Garage entrance
  • Radiant under-floor heating
  • Fully air-conditioned
  • Pro Mixer with CD,
  • iPod, mic, etc.
  • PA monitors
  • DMX ceiling LED lights
    with controller
  • Up to 16kW
    power sockets
  • Wi-Fi