Para 88 P kit


A special reflector

Para FB reflectors are impressive not only because of their shape and size, but most of all because of their unique light quality and outstanding performance.
The decisive factor for the creative photographer is that a Para FB is not a light shaper in the conventional sense, but a fully- fledged illumination system. A variety of reflectors’ sizes are available; the position of the lamphead can be changed; the angle influences the character of the light; three diffusers of different densities are available. Para FB reflectors can also be combined with other accessories. Photographers with a flair for light will find no end of new combinations and characteristics with the Para system: it is an inexhaustible source of inspiration and creativity.
  • Allowed max. energy: 3200 J
  • Inside coating: Silver.
  • focused: f: 128 3⁄10
(f: 45 5⁄10), for Pulso G, Unilite lamps and Ringflash P