Ringflash P


A special effects lamp

One of the most attractive products of the range. Try it and get the best results.
In addition to its unique properties as a primary and fill light, a retro- fit kit makes it possible to quickly and easily convert the ringflash C to a ringflash P which can then be used in Paras FB 170, FB 220 and FB 330 where it aligns the light source (contrary to the Pulso G lamp) exactly on the optical axis. In this way, the Para FB is filled with absolute uniformity and the reflections in the umbrella are moderately boosted, thus making them softer. Of course, the angle of the ring- flash P is also adjustable in the Para FB so that a slightly asym- metric fill can be obtained. If you wish to convert a ringflash P to a ringflash C, this can be easily accomplished with another special retrofit kit.
  • Halogen modeling lamp 200 W.
  • High strength UV-coated flash tube (3200 J) and protecting glass.
  • Powerful fan cooling and integrated UV filter.
  • Operation possible on all mains power supplies worldwide.
  • In combination with Para FB a perfect front focusing, which enables different light angles and characteristics.