Scoro A4S


A top-of-the-line power pack

Scoro is a power pack that combines all the best features: the fastest unit regarding recycling time, the shortest flash duration at any power level and the widest control range with constant color temperature.
Scoro A incluse broncolor's patented ECTC (Enhanced Color Temperature Control) technology, that ensures absolute control of color temperature and flash duration over the entire control range. Numerous programmable extra functions provide a very wide range of capabilities.
  • Automatic stabilization of the color temperature (ECTC) over the whole control range and up to 6 f-stops.
  • 3 lamp outlets, individual power output distribution over 3 channels.
  • Photocell, infrared and RFS receiver for flash triggering (can be switched off).
  • Choice of flash duration and triggering delay.
  • Individual choice of the color temperature shift.
  • Can be switched to fast charging (speed mode).
  • Additional function flash sequences (serial flashes).
  • Powerful modeling light with 8 different proportional levels.
  • Modern LCD.
  • Automatic adaptation to the respective mains voltage.
  • 8 memory function.
  • TIPA Award Winner 2009.