Worldwide premiere at Studio Sitges! The Phase One XF IQ4 camera has arrived!

Worldwide premiere at Studio Sitges! The Phase One XF IQ4 camera has arrived!

The wait is over, It’s finally here! The brand-new Phase One XF IQ4 150MP Camera system, the highest resolution camera in the world.

The moment we’ve been waiting patiently for these last months has finally arrived. Today we received the very first XF IQ4 at the studio and it’s truly a magnificent piece of equipment.

Phase One is the world's leader in digital medium format photography and RAW processing software solutions for professional photographers. This new digital back has an incredible 151 mega pixel resolution bettering the previous model the IQ3 by 50%.

Some of the most exciting features of this new monster camera - apart from the incredible resolution - are the new tethering options. The firewire port is gone but instead there are three massive new tethering options.

• You can now tether with inexpensive ethernet cables that come in literally any length and don't accidently disconnect as easily as firewire cables, but also powers the camera eliminating battery concerns.
• Fast direct USB-C connection to hard drives, meaning you can shoot via USB-C to your laptop or an external hard drive directly, something we have all been waiting for, for a long time.
• And the most exciting: WiFi RAW tethering. No cables at all. You can shoot wireless and have a 151 million pixel image pop up on your laptop screen.

There are also improvements in storage options, and as mentioned above you can now shoot directly to your hard drive via USB-C, or a XQD card option that has a 400MB per second write speed, the fastest available at this moment. The new IQ4 has two card slots and can write to an SD card back up at the same time as tethering.

If you are interested in more info and the full specs, click here.

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